High Pressure Drain Cleaning & Floor Cleaning

VES has established a reputation as a key supplier of skid, truck and trailer mounted drain and sewer water jet cleaning systems. The standard range of VES trailer’s and van mounted 20 and 40hp high pressure drain and sewer cleaning water jet machines, has been designed to optimise cleaning performance and is available with a choice of various water pressure, flow and water carrying capacity combinations to suit the host vehicle. Our equipment is tested to the highest standards not just for reliability and safety but to make sure it achieves optimal performance every time

Reliability is a key feature

Our equipment and the construction materials that we use are chosen for their robust characteristics, whilst routine maintenance is made easy by optimising the space layout to permit access to all key maintenance points. All models utilise heavy duty diesel engine drive technology for added durability and can be supplied with either hydraulic or manual high-pressure hose reels. System Additions. Each system supplied is equipped with hose and standard drain cleaning nozzles and a comprehensive selection of specialised sewer cleaning nozzles and equipment is also available.In addition to the standard VES range, tailor-made solutions with higher performance flow and pressure characteristics can be provided for truck mounted, large diameter pipe cleaning and water jetting.
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VES Sewer Cleaning Nozzles

We also offer an extensive selection of standard and specialised drain and sewer cleaning nozzles including root cutters, silt movers, rotary nozzles and many more, suitable for flow rates up to 490 lit/min and pipe diameters up to 2000mm. Our revolutionary new BLUE 100 sewer cleaning tool with maintenance free sealing and electro-magnetic adjustable speed control is able to work reliably and efficiently on potable or re-cycled water and sets a new standard in the drain and sewer cleaning industry.