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A Vacuum tanker is a mobile suction and tank storage solution. It has the ability to suck up particles with a high power hose and store it in its built in tank for easy transportation.

What can this hire service do for my company?

With our vacuum tankers able to deliver up to 200kw of suction power, these machines suck up almost anything and from almost any location due to their mobility compared to other solutions. With these machines being such an expensive purchase, it makes sense to simply hire the vehicle on a rolling contract or simply bring it in for occasional jobs.

Let our company take care of all aspects of the vehicle, letting you concentrate on getting the work done and not worry about maintenance, storage and damages.


We have a range of vacuum tankers available to hire with a varying selection of features and competitive prices. Our range has recently been refurbished for 2019 and has expanded with top of the line vehicles.

Contact us on 0800 0467 934 or for a free quote.

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