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What types of Cleaning Services do we offer?

Vortex have been offering tank cleaning services for over 10 years with contacts being completed all across the UK. We offer cleaning services on all of these tank types and more with all of our procedures up to current legislation.

Tank cleaning should be done in at-least 3 different scenarios;

  • When it is due for an internal inspection
  • When products inside need changing
  • When a tank is having issues

We are experts in cleaning small to large tanks like Cargo Tanks, Mud Tanks, Ballast Tanks, Production Separators, Silos, Fuel Tanks, Ducts, Boilers and Septic Tanks. This also includes vessel and their respective tanks inside and out with our specialist nozzles and machinery!

Tank Cleaning Process

These are the average procedures for a standard tank cleaning contact on a fuel tank:

  • Isolation of tank from any mechanical or electrical sources.
  • Draining down to the lowest drain nozzle.
  • Vacuum any remaining liquid from the tank which is below the lowest draining point.
  • Vent tank of fumes for safety purposes.
  • Squeegee tank floor and remaining liquids.
  • Power wash the internal surface.
  • Drain & dry all surfaces of water from power wash.
  • Final Inspection to check for any left residue or damage.
  • Re-connection of mechanical / electrical supplies.

Each of these stages is carried out by trained professionals with years of experience and because of the confined nature of the internal tank space need to be up to regulation for confined space entry.

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