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Welcome to part two of our filter press services analysis, if you haven’t read part one click here.


Moving the equipment on site is carried out by our trained professionals. They will get it on site, position it and secure it in place and sign it off as part of our Filter Press Services.

1 cup of n Slurry(Before), Cake(After), Liquid(After)

Once secured in position, depending on how you wish to continue, either our trained staff will run the machine for you or you can opt to man the machine yourself where we will train you in the operation of it.

The operation of the Filter Press in essence is simple.

  1. The material is pumped into the press as a slurry mixture.
  2. The mix is put under pressure to separate the liquids from the waste.
  3. The cake is removed and disposed of. An example of this is to the left which shows a before and after.

Once operations have ceased, vortex will come in, do a final inspection and remove all equipment from site in an efficient manner, leaving you with a clean site and big savings over manually removing all of your waste off site.

Filter Press Examples

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