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What is a Filter Press?

A filter press is a machine designed to separate solids and liquids in a large press. A slurry is pumped into each section of the filter press and then compressed to remove any water in a process called dewatering. The result of this is a large percentage of water removed from waste that can be disposed of on site and a small percentage of solid material that can be disposed of easily and at less cost due to the reduced size and weight.


What Can A Filter Press Do For You?

Simply put, a filter press can reduce costs due to expensive waste transportation off-site. Less waste to dispose of, possibly reducing said waste by up to 90% due to liquid removal means less off-site transportation costs.


Our Filter Press Services

We offer a filter press hiring service, either in the form of hiring the machine where you operate it directly, or a full service where we will take care of all aspects of the press from delivery, maintenance and labour with our professionally trained staff. Either way we are here to give you the service you require anywhere across the country, with our dedicated managers ready to give you a full quote at any time.

We provide this service across the UK, focusing on the south wales area like Aberdare, Cardiff, Pontypridd, Cwmbach, Merthyr Tydfil, Cwmdare, Swansea and more!


Contact Us

Call us on 0800 0467 934 or email us on:

Also view our full information about our filter press service at here.


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