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Vehicles are the important aspect of most large scale businesses. With Vortex these vehicles are an essential part of the company as many of the services we provide stem from them. Vortex always maintains each of our fleet vehicles to the highest standard to give the best amount of reliability possible and we only invest in the high reliability and performance vehicles available at the time.


Vortex as a company is constantly looking to expand our vehicles fleet to ensure our clients have the best service available.

Fleet Breakdown

Drain Jetting Unit
This is one of our main drain jetting units. Capable of extremely high pressure, this machine is capable of clearing even the most stubborn of drain.

Disab Vacuum Truck
With an incredible 220kw of suction power, this unit is able to vacuum up almost anything. Being one of the newest additions to the fleet this is an impressive sight to see.

Disab BagVac
While not technically a vehicle, this unit is capable of removing dirt and debris at an incredible rate through its 16.5kw of vacuum power! This has nowhere near the power of a Disab vacuum truck but with its small size it makes an excellent addition to the fleet to get into tight spaces or internal areas.

Some of our smaller vans for transporting of equipment and personnel.

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