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Over the recent weeks we have worked on a number of waste removal contracts which involved removing waste material from industrial lagoons, dock sites and factories.  Each of these contracts requires fast turn around times so work can continue on-site and safe practices due to the nature of the work.

Below are a few images from one contract:

There are numerous types of waste that companies may need removing, there include:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Solid
  • Environmental
  • Chemical
  • Lesser Radioactive

It may be preventative removal, post completion or routine cleanups, Vortex are here to work together with you to get the desired outcome you require to your exact timescale. Chemicals are always something that may be in any kind of waste, especially industrial waste and must be handled with care and also disposed of correctly and in line with current laws and legalisation.

From Site to Removal

Throughout the entire process, it is imperative that the correct procedures are carried out to ensure everything goes smoothly and without error. Having a pre-planned set of procedures that can instantly followed is essential in the industrial waste industry as clients do not have the time to wait around while you figure out what needs to be done and when.

While procedures are an important core concept in the industry, having trained experienced staff, the vehicles, machinery and contacts is also critical. Things can always go wrong from staff sickness, to vehicle malfunction and being able to deal with those issue in an instant is what separates a professional industrial cleaning company from the others. Here at Vortex we have the contacts and redundancies to act instantly when problems occur so work can continue at a constant rate.

Another element from a waste management perspective is the waste disposal site. It would be nice if we could magically make the material disappear from the face of the earth but unfortunately it has to be stored in either a landfill, recycled or in a secure waste site depending on the type of waste that is dealt with. Who you trust with your waste is important as it is so easy to fly-tip in a inconspicuous location as detailed by the Daily Mail earlier this year, every waste company needs to dispose of the waste taken from site unless they own the disposal site which gives a big incentive to make a quick buck by dumping it where they don’t have to pay; and remember your company may still be liable for incorrect waste disposal.

Price Point

Cost of outsourced work in any business is an important factor. Many individuals have it in their mind that a high costing job will result in a higher quality outcome. While this may be true, we believe in a fair costing structure that reflects the work that needs to be carried out. If you have had an initial quote, contact us and we will try our best to beat it.

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